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3 Reasons Why Charging a Customer a Service Fee for Using a Credit or Debit Card is a Poor Business Decision

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Let’s say you own a restaurant, and you offer your customers the ability to pay with cash or credit or debit card at the end of their meal. But then, once they have dined, you charge them an additional fee if they decide to use their credit or debit card in the form of a service fee. While this may sound like an easy way to make some extra money, it’s a very poor business decision because it can turn off your customers and lead to fewer repeat customers in the future.

1: Chargebacks Are Painful

Credit repair services can be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re already struggling with bad credit, chargebacks can make things worse. They can also lead to higher fees and interest rates, and make it harder to get approved for new lines of credit. In short, chargebacks are painful – both financially and emotionally. From the merchant’s perspective, the cost and risk associated with charging back are extremely high when compared to the revenue generated from a single sale. Consequently, many merchants choose not to accept cards as payment at all!
While some may think this is terrible customer service, there are many reasons why accepting debit cards or credit cards may not be worth the risk:
A merchant could lose their entire profit on that transaction if they lose a cardholder dispute. Unlike cash transactions where the money doesn’t change hands until after an item has been purchased and paid for in full, cardholders have up to 60 days from the purchase date (not from when they noticed the problem) to initiate a dispute against their bank.
When a cardholder initiates a dispute, the disputed amount gets held by the bank until the resolution process is complete. During this period, the funds don’t belong to either party; instead, they sit in limbo waiting for resolution. The longer it takes to settle a dispute, the more money gets tied up while everyone waits.

2: Credit Cards Bring In Additional Revenue

While it may seem like a good idea to charge customers a service fee for using a credit or debit card, there are several reasons why this is a poor business decision.
First, it may deter customers from using your credit repair services.
Second, you could end up losing money if the customer pays with cash. Finally, you may damage your reputation if customers feel that you’re trying to take advantage of them. In conclusion, charging a customer a service fee for using a credit or debit card is not worth the

3: More Customers Are Likely To Pay With A Credit/Debit Card When You Don’t Charge A Fee

Charging a customer a service fee for using a credit or debit card is a poor business decision because more customers are likely to pay with a credit/debit card when you don’t charge a fee. This practice can also damage your reputation and deter new customers from doing business with you. In addition, many credit repair services exist to help people improve their credit scores.
For example, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) allows consumers to dispute inaccurate information in the files of any of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If an inaccuracy cannot be verified by these bureaus, it will be removed from the consumer’s file. Likewise, if false information is reported on someone’s credit report that would lead to adverse action by a creditor – like being denied a loan – they have the right to receive documentation of this adverse action within 30 days. Once they see that their denial was based on incorrect information, they can then go back to the creditor and try again. These two provisions give consumers lots of protection against unfair practices.

Allows You To Offer Lower Prices

When you charge customers a service fee for using a credit or debit card, you’re essentially asking them to pay more for your product or service. This can lead to customers feeling resentful and may cause them to take their business elsewhere. In addition, charging a service fee can dissuade customers from using their credit or debit cards, which could limit your sales. Finally, many card issuers prohibit merchants from passing on surcharges to their customers, so you could end up violating your contract and incurring costly fees. Keep in mind that if you have a negative experience with one bank, it’s likely that another will provide the same services at no cost.

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